We are ahead due to innovative quality products

Since 1955 we have been producing precison turning parts of various kinds and forms.
We have always been in a position to meet our customers’ expectations.
For decades we have gained experience with the material "metal", so we benefited
in the development and manufacturing of new products.

During the last years, new innovative solutions for tools, screws and transport in workshops
and on construction sites have been found, enabling us to offer our customers a wide variety
of useful products. The products, made in our company, are always of highest quality standard.
They are the result of a clear and exact design as well as a modern manufacturing.
In the interest of our customers, we make our products as simple, trouble-free and
long-lasting as possible.

We commit ourselves to our company’s motto:

"If we stop getting better,
we soon will no longer be good."
Oliver Cromwell


Zieker Gruppe